Mickey's Services

Mickey Hargitay Plants is more than a store. Come to us for all your interior and exterior landscape and design needs. We will tell you what varieties thrive best under your specific lighting and environmental conditions. We also offer a guaranteed indoor plant maintenance service, which consists of a weekly visit by one of our friendly, expertly-trained
technicians who will take great care in keeping your plants healthy.
We monitor your plants' watering, feeding, trimming, pruning and cleaning needs, dust the leaves and control insect infestations, if necessary. Prompt replacements or new installations are never a problem as we keep a large inventory of plants and pottery in our greenhouse.  Our customers and their satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. We sleeve all plants in paper to ensure their safe arrival to your home or office. Delivery also is available, usually the same day.
Plants aren't the only thing we're passionate about here. We also carry an eclectic assortment of fountains that can be placed nearly anywhere in your home or office to create a soothing atmosphere.
A West Hollywood fixture since 1980, we are located on the southwest corner of Sycamore and Fountain Avenues and are open every day except Christmas and New Year's. Come on down to Mickey Hargitay Plants where we can help you make your house a home.

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