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Bamboo Palm - Mickey Hargitay Plants
Bamboo Palm - Mickey Hargitay Plants
Bamboo Palm - Mickey Hargitay Plants
Bamboo Palm - Mickey Hargitay Plants

Bamboo Palm

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Chamaedorea Seifrizii - Bamboo Palm

NOTE: We do not ship plants.  You can only purchase for a "pick-up" order. 


10" Pot at 3-4ft Tall

5 Gallon Pot at 5-6ft Tall 

7 Gallon Pot at 6-7ft Tall

*measurements are approximate and are taken from the ground up (including the planter)

Growing Tips 

🌤️ The Bamboo Palm needs bright indirect light.

🏠 The Bamboo Palm will usually do best directly in front of a window within 4-5 feet from a south or west facing window.  Keeping it just a little further back can keep the afternoon direct sun off of the leaves.  If you have a north or east window you will want to keep it close to that window and be sure to keep the curtains/blinds open. 

💦  Potted palms are thirsty plants!  Water to evenly moisten the soil but not to leave it overly soggy - aim for your plant to need water once per week.

TIP #1  When watering always keep in mind the season, how much light it is receiving, and temperature of your home.  You will need to adjust with regards to these environmental factors.   

TIP #2  Use some sort of way to measure the amount of water you are giving your plant so that you know how much to increase or decrease next time if needed.

TIP #3  Water your plants in place with a saucer under them.  This allows your plant a chance to soak up the water.  After a couple hours if there is still water in the saucer you can dump this out and this will also tell you how much water you can cut back next time. 

TIP #4  Try to water on a weekly basis, this will help to keep you consistent and to at least check on your plants once a week.