Hello friends! The demand for plants has far exceeded the supply we are able to stock. In our efforts to keep things fair for everyone, we have imposed quantity limits on some plants. Thank you for your understanding.

About Our Family

Some of us are more shy than others, so this is just a peek.  Not all of our dedicated team is listed.



I grew up in Kansas and have always had a love and curiosity for nature, and getting my hands dirty. I have worked with plants for the last 10 years and tropicals have been my favorite focus. Besides loving what I do, hiking and trips to the downtown flower market allow me to bring out another side of nature I hold close to my heart.





I am originally from Washington state, so I am still getting used to it being sunny all the time! When I am not taking care of my own plants I like to go to the beach, snuggle my cat, and eat sushi.






I was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and was exposed to farming and gardening since birth. I don’t think I’ll ever not be excited by all the amazing tropical plants that grow here in So Cal. Turning indoor living spaces into a garden is one of my biggest passions along with helping people become more knowledgeable about how to take care of their plant babies!  I am also passionate about cats (haha) and starting overly detailed paintings and art projects I rarely finish.




Being born and raised in sunny Southern California has made it easy for my love of nature to flourish. Yosemite National Park has been a favorite camping and hiking spot since I can remember.  Besides being obsessed with the newest plant craze, I also love/hate to knit and I am currently learning to play the piano.