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Our Services

In addition to our brick and mortar store we also offer a few outside services.

Interior Plant Maintenance

Life gets busy, but your plants are our priority!  We offer a weekly visit by one of our friendly, expertly-trained technicians who will take great care in keeping your plants healthy.  Our professional technicians monitor your plants' watering, feeding, trimming, pruning and cleaning needs.  If you are interested in having us care for your plants whether it be home or office, please contact us at for more information.


Exterior - From tropical hillsides, blooming perennials to drought tolerant splendors; we will create the oasis you have always wanted. 

Contact us at for an appointment.


Interior - Plant design indoors is just as important!  Plants have been proven again and again to improve productivity overall moral and quality of air.  Bringing the outdoors in will provide a warmth and comfort you can't get any other way.  

Contact us at for an appointment.