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Ficus Ginseng

Ficus Ginseng

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Ficus retusa – Ginseng

Note: We do not ship plants.  You can only purchase for a “pick-up” order.


4" Pot

6” or 8" low Pot

*measurements are an approximate size of the pot it comes in

🌤 the Retusa thrives in bright light - if your plant is inside it should be kept right in front of a window - if you keep it outside, it can acclimate to direct sun but you may see a little sunburn on the leaves until then - also if kept outside it will need to be protected from frost and cooler temperatures
💦 allow the top 1/4-1/2 of soil dry between watering - you don’t want the soil to completely dry out but you also don’t want the soil to stay consistently moist as the thick trunks can rot
🧩 the Retusa also thrives in humidity and can put out amazing aerial roots in the right conditions
🐞 Ficus can be susceptible to mealy bug and scale – this can happen when plants are not getting their lighting and watering needs met, and sometimes it just happens