Hoya Kerrii Variegata
Hoya Kerrii Variegata

Hoya Kerrii Variegata

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Hoya Kerrii - Sweetheart Hoya Variegated 

NOTE: We do not ship plants.  You can only purchase for a "pick-up" order. 


4" Pot - this is a leaf cutting, not a node cutting - this plant will stay exactly like this and will not sprout more leaves

 *measurements are approximate size of the pot it comes in

GROWING TIPS: *this is just a single leaf, and will stay exactly like this, it will not sprout more leaves
🌤 the Kerrii thrives in bright indirect light - if your plant is inside it should be kept near a window, it can handle soft morning sun before 9am - if you keep it outside, it will do best in shade to prevent any burning of the leaves - also if kept outside it will need to be protected from frost and cooler temperatures, it can develop a pitted like texture
💦 allow the top 1/4-1/2 of soil dry between watering - you don’t want the soil to completely dry out but you also don’t want the soil to stay consistently moist so that it doesn't rot
🧩 you can use a sharp tool to carve in the leaf a picture, names or words and it will scare|scab over and preserve what to carved in it